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Media translation and subtitling


WeDoJapan has extensive experience subtitling corporate videos, current affairs programmes, children’s programmes, TV dramas, nature documentaries and more. The main difference between subtitling and other translation is the restriction on translation length. Subtitles tend to be much shorter than the corresponding spoken audio, so there is an art to crafting a pithy clear subtitle. Japanese dialogue also tends to leave more unsaid and be more reliant on context than English, which is a further challenge when creating subtitles.

WeDoJapan can add subtitles to an Excel file already containing time-codes or by using special subtitling software to work directly with the video. If required, we can provide subtitles as industry-standard .srt files. We often price subtitling by minute of video, but cost will depend on factors such as the type of content and whether “subbing” is required. We can provide subtitles or captions.

Interview transcription and translation

WeDoJapan has worked with broadcasters and filmmakers in the UK and Japan to translate interview footage. For maximum accuracy we recommend transcribing the interview first, then translating from the written transcription. In some circumstances however, particularly when speed is a priority, a translation can be produced directly from the audio recording. If necessary, sections selected during editing can then be subtitled more precisely. On larger and urgent projects we can assemble and coordinate a team of translators.

Production research and assistance

We provide internet and telephone research in English or Japanese. We can also translate or summarize research materials, facilitate copyright requests, and help plan TV production. We have worked with a range of media organizations on various projects, so please do get in touch. WeDoJapan Director Tony McNicol spent 15 years work as a journalist in Japan, including on video projects.

Please do call or drop us a line to discuss how we can help your business, or for a no obligation estimate.​

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Professional affiliations

Tony is a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Tony and Yoshie are members of the Japanese language specialist network of the ITI.

Partner organizations

WeDoJapan is an official business partner of Export to Japan, a project led by UKTI to assist UK companies doing business in Japan. See here for more details.