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What is kintsugi?

It’s safe to say that kintsugi is one of the more obscure Japanese arts. I’ve had blank stares even when I mention it to Japanese friends or experts in Japanese culture. So, what is kintsugi? It’s the art of repairing pottery, usually with lacquer and gold – hence the name, which literally means “joining with […]

Philip Harper – Sake Brewer

Philip Harper was introduced at the Daiwa-Anglo Japanese Foundation in London as “a very unusual man”. That’s a bit of an understatement. He’s the only non-Japanese toji, or master sake brewer, working in Japan today. As Harper told the packed room, he came to Japan 25 years ago from Cornwall to teach English, stumbled into […]

Urban Farming in Tokyo

Some VERY urban farming! Tokyo’s Roppongi must be one of the most urban places in the world, so I was a little surprised to be invited to a rooftop rice-planting event there. Mori Building have held the event every Spring for a few years now. And as you can see, this year’s event was pretty […]