Japanese transcreation and copywriting

What is transcreation?

Japanese transcreation is translation of the original Japanese followed by editing, adaptation and sometimes copywriting. Conventional translation by a skilled professional is enough in most cases. But in other cases – particularly marketing – it is vital that a translation is creatively adapted to the cultural context.

For example, Japanese culture has a complex range of politeness levels that English-speaking cultures do not. A business document that is translated from English literally might easily seem over familiar. Or English-language marketing material containing culturally specific humor or references might be completely inappropriate for Japanese speakers.

What is the Japanese transcreation process?

In a two-stage process, first the text is translated, then it is adapted using a detailed brief that indicates its intended audience and the tone required. Depending on the transcreation task, the entire process might be performed by the translator, or an editor or copywriter might be separately commissioned.

As well as providing transcreation, WeDoJapan can work with professional copywriters in Japan or the UK to produce copy from scratch.

How is transcreation priced?

Transcreation can range from editing a translated text to make it more natural and appropriate, to wholesale re-writing using the original text only as a general guide. For this reason cost can vary considerably. Also, depending on the balance between translation and copywriting we may either suggest a price by the word or by the hour.

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