Japanese transcreation and localization

Japanese transcreation

How can transcreation help?

Japanese transcreation is translation augmented with editing, adaptation and sometimes copywriting. For most documents, conventional translation by a skilled professional is adequate. But in some cases – particularly the localization of marketing materials – it is vital that a translation is creatively adapted to the cultural context.

For example, Japanese has a complex range of politeness levels absent in English. So, a business document that is literally translated from English could easily seem over familiar. Equally, English-language marketing material containing culturally-specific humour or references might be unintelligible to Japanese consumers if translated without significant adaptation.

How does the Japanese transcreation process work?

Typically, it is a two-stage process. First your text is translated, then it is adapted using a detailed brief that indicates its intended audience and the tone required. We will work closely with you on the localization, explaining any changes that have been made and incorporating any feedback.

How much will transcreation of your text cost?

Transcreation can range from lightly editing a translated text to make it more natural and appropriate, to wholesale re-writing using the original text only as a general guide. Depending on the specific process appropriate to your text, we may either suggest a price by the word or by the hour.

Please contact us with details of your requirements and we’ll get back to you quickly with an estimate.

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