Media translation and other services

Media translation and other services

Services for media organizations

WeDoJapan Director Tony McNicol spent over 10 years as a journalist and photographer in Tokyo, producing hundreds of illustrated articles from Japan. Based on this experience, WeDoJapan provides translation and other services to media organizations in the UK and Japan.

Translation and subtitling for media

We work with media companies in the UK and Japan to provide translation of print articles and subtitling for TV programmes. Tony’s considerable experience as a journalist means he is familiar with the appropriate styles of writing required for publication. We also provide translation to support the media production process, such as transcription and translation of interviews used in the making of print features and TV programmes.

Media research

We provide internet and telephone research in English or Japanese. We also translate or summarize research materials, facilitate copyright requests, and help plan TV production. We have worked with major broadcasters in the UK and Japan.


WeDoJapan Director Tony McNicol has over 15 years’ experience as a professional photographer and is available for assignment in the UK or Japan.


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