English-Japanese translation

We provide friendly, expert English-Japanese translation and transcreation services, particularly in the fields of media, publishing, hospitality and tourism. Recent projects include:

  • Website content for a global online accommodation portal
  • Training materials for a global HR company
  • A quarterly newsletter for a Japanese adhesive manufacturer
  • Marketing and sales materials for UK companies entering the Japanese market
  • Interviews conducted in Japanese for an US documentary
  • English subtitles for Japanese TV programmes
  • Academic articles on Japanese business, economics, and culture
  • Articles on Japanese tourist destinations and cultural heritage
  • Japanese books on personal development
  • Foreign rights catalogues for Japanese publishers

Translation cost

The cost to translate your text depends on several factors, including its length, technical language, the format and urgency. We are happy to provide a full estimate when the text is available. (If the text is not yet available, we may be able to give an approximate cost.) As a small specialist agency with low overheads, we offer a high-quality, personalized and competitively-priced service.

Contact us to get an estimate

Translation checking

As part of the translation process we will, of course, rigorously check the translation. Further proofreading and editing is dependent on the text’s intended purpose and client’s in-house language capabilities. If the translation will be published online or in print, for example, you may wish to proofread the text in-house as part of the publication process. We can also provide proofreading and/or a second translator check, so please let us know your requirements.

Large projects

For larger projects we will assemble and coordinate a team of translators and translation checkers, while using translation memory tools and shared glossaries to maintain consistency. We can use existing glossaries provided by you or new glossaries and style guides creating during the translation process.

Transcreation and copywriting

If you require a less literal translation or translation combined with copywriting – for example, marketing materials with a message adapted for customers in Japan – please take a look at our marketing translation and transcreation services.