English-Japanese translation

What do we translate?

WeDoJapan translates a wide range of materials for businesses, organizations and individuals. Our English-Japanese translation covers the following fields.

• Export and Japanese market-entry
• Annual reports, CSR reports, factsheets and brochures
• Company websites, newsletters and staff training materials
• Press releases, content-marketing and advertorial
• Articles and TV scripts
• Environment and health
• Tourism, culture, arts & crafts and food & drink

Please contact us with details of your Japanese or English text and we’ll get back to you ASAP with an estimate.

The translation process

Typically, the text will be translated into the target language then checked and proofread by a second qualified translator. This is translation industry standard practice, designed to eliminate error and ensure quality. This painstaking process provides an accurate and natural translation.

But if you wish to check and revise the translation yourself – or a second translator check is not necessary – please let us know as a lower rate will be possible. (Please note that in both cases the original translator will, of course, thoroughly check and proofread their translation.)


In most cases we charge per English word for English to Japanese translation, and per Japanese character for Japanese to English translation. The per-word cost to translate your text may depend on a number of factors, including its length, its technical difficulty, the format and the deadline.

As a boutique agency with low overheads we aim to provide a competitively priced service equivalent to or better than larger agencies.

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Large projects

For larger projects with short deadlines, we can employ and coordinate a team of translators and translation-checkers. We are also experienced at using translation memory tools and shared glossaries to maintain consistency. We can use existing glossaries provided by you, or help create new glossaries and style guides.


If you need translation involving an element of copywriting, such as marketing materials with a message adapted for an English or Japanese speaking market, please take a look at our transcreation and copywriting services.

Japanese business cards

We translate, typeset and print Japanese business cards. Please see here for more details.