WeDoJapan’s guide to English ↔ Japanese translation (for UKTI Export to Japan)

Our guide to Japanese ↔ English translation can now be downloaded from the Export to Japan website. One recent study of English language proficiency among nations ranked Japan at number 26, between India and Italy, and behind countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. While it is true that many Japanese people can understand […]

Who needs Cool Japan?

Would you expect a French fan of British sports cars to love Cath Kidson bags? Or how about a Chinese Scotch aficionado? Would they be into Britpop? Probably not. So here’s a question: why do ” Cool Japan” events and campaigns lump together everything from sushi to bonsai secateurs, and Crayon Shinchan to kendo? Promoters […]

Export to Japan

Export to Japan

A quick bit of exciting news to start off 2015. WeDoJapan is now an official business partner of Export to Japan, a not-for-profit project helping UK companies do business in Japan. Through the website, we are offering discounts to UK exporters for our translation, transcreation and other services. Here’s some more information from the site: […]

Specialist Japanese goods online

The Japanese attention to detail and quality is famous. A huge variety of interesting and beautifully made goods are sold in Japan, and are often unavailable anywhere else. That got me to thinking: is anyone was actually trying to import these goods into the UK where I live? There are a few big shops in […]

The Chiiori Project

Writing this article back in 2003 was my first chance to interview Alex Kerr, author of two fantastic books on Japan: Lost Japan and Dogs and Demons. It would have been the second time I visited Shikoku too. (The first was to walk the 88 temple pilgrimage). I think I had to take the Shinkansen […]

A chokibune on the river in Koto ward, Tokyo.

The Last Boat-Builder

This is an article from 2003 about the work of Japanese-boat builder Douglas Brooks. Brooks was helping to preserve Japanese boat-building skills, which were rapidly disappearing. ‘All those guys are over seventy, five of them have now died. There were only two apprentices . . . three now including me. It looks like its going […]