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WeDoJapan’s guide to English ↔ Japanese translation (for UKTI Export to Japan)

Our guide to Japanese ↔ English translation can now be downloaded from the Export to Japan website.

One recent study of English language proficiency among nations ranked Japan at number 26, between India and Italy, and behind countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. While it is true that many Japanese people can understand written English thanks to a strong emphasis on reading and grammar in school, if you want to do business in Japan you will definitely need English to Japanese translation.

Business cards, websites, marketing materials, sales materials, company profiles, correspondence, packaging, instructions, employee training materials . . . if you are exporting to Japan there’s a whole range of different things that you might need translating.

But how do you go about finding a translator? How do you decide what to translate first? What’s the difference between translation, transcreation and copywriting? Will the freelancer who localized your website be able to handle an NDA?

Earlier this year WeDoJapan produced an in-depth guide to Japanese – English translation for the UKTI Export to Japan website, and it has just gone online. So if you would like to know the answers to some of those questions, please check out this page where you can download the guide.

The website also has lots of other useful content for UK exporters . . . and it’s free!

Contact WeDoJapan for a chat about how our translation services can help your business. +44 (0)1373 301853 or moc.n1718833031apajo1718833031dew@t1718833031catno1718833031c1718833031 We’d love to hear from you.