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KitKat’s Big Japan Break

The opening of the first new KitKat factory in Japan for 26 years made global news earlier this summer. The snack is now Japan’s biggest selling chocolate brand and a cultural phenomenon. But how did this British-born treat get its big break in Japan – a country not short of its own confectionery? Well, it all began with a lucky linguistic quirk, university entrance exams in Japan, and some nifty transcreation.

“Kitto katsutou”

Some years ago, Nestlé Japan noticed sales spiked in Kyushu when students were sitting university entrance exams every February and March. The reason for that, they discovered, was that in the dialect of the southern island of Kyushu, KitKat sounds rather like きっと勝つとぅ(kitto katsutou or “sure to win”).Read More »KitKat’s Big Japan Break